Yesterday, Sunday the 10th of July, 22 volunteers ran for Manchester Young Lives in the UKFast We Love Mcr 10k run. It was great to see so many enthusiastic people giving their all for MYL at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester. Between the enthusiastic runners were both staff, volunteers, one of our trustees and even one of the students from our independent school in Wythenshawe. All aspects of MYL were proudly represented.

The stadium was buzzing with positive energy and there is no doubt that the great attitude from all our supporters contributed to this. 10k is a long way to run no matter your fitness level, yet every one of our amazing runners completed the course. This was a huge team effort and a special thank you to Darren Clarke, who showed true MYL spirit by giving moral support and motivation to Paul (CEO) and encouraged him to complete the run!

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Of course there was also some competitiveness among our runners. With a time of 46 min 2 sec, the bragging rights ultimately went to Adam Sutcliffe from the Youth Engagement Team, despite it being his first 10k run.

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However the title as super star of the day goes to Jake Woodward-Edmonds, age 15, who also ran for Manchester Young Lives. Jake, who will have been at student at our independent school for 3 years in September, completed the 10k in an amazing time of 01:03:34. With a great and keen attitude, we could not have a greater person than Jake to represent MYL at the run. Jake is known as a very active and hard working young man, who even won our School Achievement Award earlier this year. Big thanks to Jake for spending a Sunday morning running with us.

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To everybody, who came to run for Manchester Young Lives, thank you. No matter if you came first or last in the race, you all contributed to making it a truly remarkable Sunday. Thank you for your time, enthusiasm and smiles. Hope to see you all on the track again next year!

To everybody else, do not worry if you missed us this Sunday. You can still donate to Manchester Young Lives right here:

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