Rosslyn is a 20 year old female and lives in the Blackley Area, she has learning difficulties which include ADHD and Ataxia syndrome.

Rosslyn has no previous work history or work experience before signing up with Martina on Talent Match.

Though Rosslyn has no qualifications she has an entry level 3 in hair and beauty which she was never able to complete the course as they told her she was not ‘fit’ enough. This as you can imagine made her feel less confident about her careers options.

When Rosslyn met Martina she told her that she had a passion for retail but because of her lack of confidence in herself, moderate learning and health difficulties and no work experience she did not for see this ambition being met.

Martina worked intensively with Rosslyn supporting her in a variety of ways which included shopping for appropriate interview clothes, learning about budgeting, visiting different stores and observing others at work, creating a CV, job searching and interview techniques.

Over time Martina began to see a change in Rosslyn’s confidence, self-esteem and her passion for career in retail further growing. Martina and Rosslyn had many discussion about the best way for Rosslyn to gain hands on experience with her chosen career path and together they decided to embark on finding her a volunteering position that would offer her the relevant amount of support that she would need to effectively fulfil the role.

It was a very rewarding experience and Rosslyn’s enthusiasm for a retail role shone through, especially her keenness to work on the tills as she really felt she was never going to be able to do that side of the job.

After a successful interview was set up, Rosslyn was offered the position as Retail Assistant.

Rosslyn is now a reliable and committed team member who has truly blossomed in her role.

In a relatively short time her confidence has soared and she has excellent working relationships with her colleagues who are also very supportive.

Martina has had wonderful feedback from the shop manager saying she is a real asset to them.

Rosslyn is also about to undertake, again with plenty of support from both staff and management an NVQ qualification in retail.

This really is a success story for this young person and she is genuinely content and fulfilled in her new role, it offers her structure, purpose, new skills and she is also achieving and making a positive contribution to her local community.

““Volunteering helps you get a job at the end of it, it makes me really happy, I am enthusiastic about doing my qualification and I love working on the tills”.