My name is Chantelle Slater and I am the Programme Manager for our Ardwick Learning Hub. My role is to manage the delivery of the PEP, that caters for individuals aged 16-25 with an EHCP. Throughout my career so far, my passion for teaching has been rooted with the belief that every person is blessed with skills and qualities that enable them to achieve short and long-term goals. With the formation of positive relationships, I have supported many young people with additional needs to reach their full potential.

Since joining Manchester Young Lives in 2021, I have combined my teaching experience with the content of my Masters Degree in SEN and Inclusive Education to provide high quality teaching and learning in a range of innovative ways. At MYL we have recognised a need for a programme that supports young people with EHCPs to prepare for adulthood through a curriculum that embeds functional skills, PSHE, independent life skills, travel training and employability. I thoroughly enjoy working closely with my colleagues and the young people to maximise learning opportunities through a broad range of centre-based and off-site activities, that support the achievement of realistic outcomes.