My name is Nozir Uddin, I am the Manager for our afterschool play and Youth provision in Ardwick, Moss Side and Higher Blackley. My role is to ensure we are offering quality play and youth activities which are fun, interactive, and child-led.

I’ve been working for MYL since the Summer of 2015. My journey into youth work started off by volunteering for a family support project in my local area, whilst studying at university and working part time in retail. Post-graduation I worked in several youth work roles, obtaining various qualifications and training. Being a youth worker has allowed me to meet children, young people and families from a range of backgrounds and communities, bringing them together in a safe space where they feel ownership. Whilst the job has its challenges, it is also very rewarding, I love being part of a strong team, sharing our skills and knowledge to make a difference.

I’m a very sporty and active person and regularly go to the gym. I enjoy the great outdoors and tend to go hiking with friends and family. Over the years I’ve picked up many different skills and hobbies including gardening and DIY. I also support the greatest football team in the world, Manchester United.