Play Strategy funds playground makeovers

Big changes are underway at our adventure playgrounds thanks to a new funding programme announced in the Play Strategy for England in December 2008.

The playgrounds have been awarded a total of £76,000 to improve their play areas and develop new features. In addition to this Longsight Adventure Playground is to receive £70,000 from Manchester City Council’s Playbuilder allocation. Playbuilder is also part of the Play Strategy funding programme.

The funding will mean the complete redevelopment of the adventure playground at Longsight where children will soon begin working with designers on new play structures. Many of the children put forward ideas during the playground’s evaluation last year, when they identified bigger and more adventurous structures as one of their priorities. Other work planned at Longsight includes a garden and camp fire area with a pond, growing plots and boxes and seating.

Work has already started at the other adventure playgrounds where new structures will include climbing walls, rope bridges, swings and nets, as well as building nature gardens and providing tools and equipment for children to take part.

The funding programme is managed by Play England, who distribute funding on behalf of the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF).