Manchester Young Lives Provision Update: Detached Youth Work

In response to the current COVID-19 crisis and in partnership with Manchester City Council Manchester Young Lives has re mobilised our detached provision in specific areas identified by the local authority as needing further support. This work began the week commencing 20/04/2020 and has taken place in key engagement areas within Miles Platting, Harpurhey, Blackley, Clayton and Crumpsall.

The team has continued to remain in contact with young people remotely, through phone and online support since the beginning of the government lockdown, however it has proven to be extremely beneficial to be able to engage face-to-face once more. Whilst engagement has predominantly been street based, the team have also completed home visits (whilst adhering to government guidance on social distancing), as well as doorstep drops with specific young people who are struggling with the lockdown measures to ensure that they are getting the appropriate support.

Engagement continues to increase week on week and has been well received, with staff teams encouraging young people to follow the government guidance on staying safe. Families have also responded positively, expressing that this contact makes them feel that their children are still being supported during this difficult period.

Information, advice and guidance has been provided to young people on a range of issues including promotion of key contact information on specialist services via promotional leaflets produced by MYL. Staff have also helped young people and their families by signposting them to foodbanks, as well as providing support around welfare claims for those facing financial hardship at this time. Families and others within the community have again expressed their gratitude for the consistent engagement in feedback given, noting that they look forward to the visits of MYL staff which provides some stability for young people  and particularly those who are at risk.